Call for papers to be published in the scientific and research Journal of Petroleum Geomechanics; 6 March2017

Dr. Tokhmechi, the editor-in-chief of the journal announced this news and said: The Journal of Petroleum Geomechanics is a scientific and research journal that pays attention to various subjects of the geomechanics of hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Dr. Tokhmechi, an academic member of the School of Mining, Petroleum and Geophysics, Shahrood University of Technology, and the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Petroleum Geomechanics has announced that this journal is a scientific and research journal that is published biannually by Iranian Association of Petroleum Geomechanics and is a suitable means for reflection of new scientific and research results of academicians, researchers and students. He has invited experts, academicians and researchers to submit their innovative scientific and research findings to the Journal of Petroleum Geomechanics on the subjects such as rock physics, seismic and micro-seismic investigations, laboratory and in-situ tests, analytical relations and behavioral models, geomechanical modeling, application of geomechanics in exploration, drilling and production and other special issues in petroleum geomechanics. Furthermore, diligent student in this field can have scientific collaboration with the journal.

Dr. Tokhmechi has introduced the journal website as to those interested for more information, and is hopeful that the publication of this journal to be a forward step toward advancement and development of the science of geomechanics of hydrocarbon reservoirs.

To contact the journal office staff and website manager call 023-32393450 or email