Multiscale Multiphysic Mixed Geomechanical Model for Deformable Porous Media Considering the Effects of Surrounding Area

نوع مقاله : مقاله پژوهشی



Porous media of hydro-carbon reservoirs are in a range of different scales. Effective scales of fluid phases and solid phase are distinct from each other. To reduce calculations in simulating porous hydro-carbon reservoirs, each physical phenomenon should be assisted in the range of its effective scale. The simulating with fine scale in a multiple physics hydro-carbon media exceeds the current computational capabilities. So, the Improved Multiscale Multiphysic Mixed Geomechanical Model (IM3GM), has been recently developed. An elaso-plastic model which consider the hydraulic and mechanical behaviors of media is used to simulate the solid phase deformation in IM3GM. Also, the multiscale and adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) method is used to reduce the computational time. In this study, IM3GM is introduced by simulating the effects of surrounding area of reservoirs. Finally, a reservoir sample is simulated by IM3GM and reasonable agreements are obtained. It seems that the effect of surrounding area is undeniable and should be taken into consideration.