Guide for Authors

Instructions for authors

To prepare and submit a to the Journal of Petroleum Geomechanics, the authors should download the required files comprising of initial manuscript template or pattern, final manuscript template or pattern, initial and final English extended abstract templates, regulations of research ethics, and commitment or copyright. In the first step, the authors, after registration in the journal website, should prepare their manuscript according to the initial manuscript template or pattern, and upload it, and also, the initial English extended abstract on the journal website. If the manuscript is accepted by the journal editors and reviewers, it should be prepared according to the final manuscript template or after applying the required correction on it, and then, this revised manuscript accompanied with the final English extended abstract and the copyright should be uploaded on the journal website. Applying all the instructions given in the initial and final patterns, especially the instructions regarding citation and references, are necessary and must be carefully considered by the authors. All the submitted or uploaded files on the website should be in forms of WORD and PDF.

Note that to submit a manuscript, you should, first, register in the journal website. Then, you should upload your manuscript as new manuscript on your personal page of the journal website.

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