About Journal

About the Journal

The Journal of Petroleum Geomechanics accepts the manuscripts on all the following issues and topics related to geomechanics of hydrocarbon reservoirs:

  • Laboratory tests and physical and geomechanical properties of rocks
  • Well stimulation
  • In-situ and field tests
  • Numerical modeling
  • Behavioral models and failure criteria
  • Design and analysis of well stability
  • Reservoir seismic and micro-seismic surveys and studies
  • Sand production
  • Determination of geomechanical properties of rock mass in wells and reservoirs
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Measurement of in-situ stress
  • Unconventional reservoirs
  • Geomechanical modeling
  • Casing deformation
  • Pore pressure prediction
  • Ground subsidence
  • Drilling of wells
  • Activation of faults
  • Selection of drilling bit
  • Behavior of wells and reservoirs
  • Optimization of well route
  • Permeability and flow in reservoirs
  • Risk management