New Approaches in 3D Geomechanical Earth Modeling

نوع مقاله : مقاله پژوهشی


دانشکده مهندسی معدن، نفت و ژئوفیزیک، دانشگاه صنعتی شاهرود، شاهرود، ایران


In this paper two new approaches for building 3D Geomechanical Earth Model (GEM) were introduced. The first method is a hybrid of geostatistical estimators, Bayesian inference, Markov chain and Monte Carlo, which is called Model Based Geostatistics (MBG). It has utilized to achieve more accurate geomechanical model and condition the model and parameters of variogram. The second approach is the integration of the models resulted of different estimators for more reliable-robust-accurate estimation, and using Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA) data fusion. More accurate estimations help to achieve better results with less uncertainty in the stage of data fusion.
Ordinary Kriging (OK), Universal Kriging (UK), MBG and OWA were utilized for making 3D GEM of Unconfined Compression Stress (UCS) in a reservoir of an oil field in Dezful Embayment. The results were shown that the accuracy of MBG was twice of UK, whereas the model obtained of OK was unacceptable. The results of OWA were even 40% better than MBG.